Youth Forum EYE

Youth Forum EYE is one of the most popular and most active youth organization from Macedonia in the field of promoting European values through local projects since 2001 when it was founded by a group of young enthusiasts who wanted to make a difference that counts. 
Since 2001 we have grown into organization that have hosted more than 50 EVS volunteers and have sent more than 30 EVS volunteers from Macedonia to EVS projects in Europe. 
We have organized more than 30 training courses under the YiA Programme, and our members have participated on more than 70 training courses, and also we have organized more than 30 youth exchanges and our members have participated on more than 70 youth exchanges under the Youth in Action Programme. 
Currently we have 40 active members in our organization and more then 350 members, 1 EVS volunteers that work on Do Right project and 4 employees that take care of the YFE activities. More than 5000 young people have been directly or indirectly involved in YFE in the past 10 years of our existence.
We are working with the Youth in Action Programme since our foundation; however we also work with local authorities, Government supporting programmes, UNDP and other donor partners. We work on variety of project topics, however we find ourselves mostly in the field of youth policies, volunteerism and empowering youth.
Our aim since 2001 was and remains to inspire and help positive social and economic changes, and we dedicate our time to efficient realization of those ideas. We are consistent to our organization values: promotion of non-formal education for young people through inter-cultural learning and intercultural youth mobility activities, promotion of the sectors of youth exchanges and national European and international voluntary youth service, development of consciousness of European citizenship and dimension through programmes and projects developed for empowerment of young people. 
Youth Forum EYE is organization with image long earned through the years, and we still work hard in the following areas with the aim to bring European values close to Macedonian youth:
- Human, civil and economic rights
- Women Youth and national minorities
- Ethnic tolerance and non-violent conflict resolution
- Governance, advocacy and non-formal education
- Ecology and environmental consciousness
- Democracy and civil society

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